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Name Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS)
Model JCX-151 JCX-152
IMO MSC.128(75)
Display Unit LED display LCD display
Model NCD-2189 NWB-63
Main Control Unit
Model NCK-169
Input Reset signal 10 points
Emergency call signal 2 points
Navigational equipment alarm signal 4 points
Navigational equipment remote ACK signal 4 points
Automatic mode signal 2 points
Output Visual/Audible alarm 8 points
Relay contact signal for VDR 8 points
Navigational equipment remote ACK 4 points
I/O Display 1 port
Contact unit - 1 port
VDR 1 port
GPS (Clock) - 1 port
Protection IP22
Power supply AC100 to 120V / 200 to 240V
Power consumption1 max. 268W
Ambient conditions -15 to +55°C 93% @40°C
Reset Button Unit NCJ-878
Reset Button Unit (Waterproof) NCJ-879
Buzzer Unit NVS-765
Motion Sensor Unit NYG-4
LED Warning Lamp Unit NCD-2191
Emergency Call Button Unit NCJ-880
Contact Input Unit2 NQA-2290
Contact Output Unit2 NQB-1029

1 Power consumption changes by the system configuration.

2 Option only for JCX-152

Image:Main Control Unit NVK-169 LCD Display Unit NWB-63 LED Display Unit NCD-2189

Image:Reset Button Unit NCJ-878 Reset Button Unit(Waterproof) NCJ-879

Image:Motion Sensor Unit NYG-4 Buzzer Unit NVS-765

Image:Emergency Call Button Unit NCJ-880 LED Warning Lamp Unit NCD2191