Inmarsat C JUE-87

  • Communication



New Externally Mounted Equipment (New)

A completely new design of Externally Mounted Equipment (EME), compliant to RoHS, offering a new level of accuracy with a high performance Radio Frequency (RF) filter built in. It has the same cable management philosophy resembling all other Inmarsat products, requiring only a single coax cable between EME and IME.

Image:New Externally Mounted Equipment (New)


The JUE-87 offers all the interfacing you need with junction box 1 (JB1) integrated in the bracket. In case of flush mounting, the bracket and junction box can be easily separated from the IME.


New accessories (New)

Along with our introduction of the new JUE-87, we introduce new accessories that compliment our unified design approach.

Image:New accessories (New)

New power supply (New)

JRC is introducing a new external power supply, half the size of the power supply found in the previous generation JUE-85 including a 65% weight reduction.

Image:New power supply (New)

Self diagnosis

JRC JUE-87 Inmarsat C Mobile Earth Station(MES) incorporates various self-diagnostic programs to facilitate maintenance and troubleshooting, reporting any possible problems it might suffer. The results are displayed on the display of IME.
These functions allow for easy maintenance and more reliability. In addition, automatic testing for performance verification and commissioning via the satellite channel is also available.

Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

JRC's unique RMS allows remote monitoring of bridge equipment from ashore. Using JRC VDR and INMARSAT FB satellite communication equiipment, JRC can establish a highly secured connection to the vessel and cost-effectively and accurately determine the operating status of the JRC equipment while at sea.
JRC's RMS just got better with the addition of the new JUE-87 which allows connected satellite communication equipment's, such as JUE-251 & JUE-501, status to be polled from the shore.

Image:Remote Maintenance System (RMS)

JRC gloval service network (Star Network)

JRC has been providing sales and support of products since 1915.
Today, JRC offers comprehensive assistance through its organisation, in partnership with a worldwide StarNetwork™ of over 270 fully trained and qualified partners and agents, assisting you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Image:JRC globval service network (Star Network)

Image:JRC globval service network (Star Network)

System diagram

Image:System diagram

What's standard?

  • IME
  • EME
  • Printer (+paper)
  • External Power supply
  • Cables


    • EME to IME (30m)
    • IME to printer (2m)


    • Power supply to IME (2.3m)
    • IME to printer (2m)
  • Installation materials
  • Spare parts
  • Manuals

What's optional?

Remote distress button NQE-3225
External buzzer NCE-5547
Security button NQE-3224
Junction box 2 (JB2) NQE-3223
Data terminal Equipment NDZ-227
Keyboard NDF-369