406MHz SATELLITE EPIRB (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) JQE-103



Specifications / Components

General Specification

Antenna Polarization Vertical whip
VSWR 1.5 or less
Impedance 50Ω
Battery Type Li/MnO2
Voltage 8.4V (Term of validity:5 years)
Release sensor Made by Hammar (Term of validity:2 years)
Activation Automatic and manual
Deactivation Set 'Select Switch' to 'READY'. and pick up the beacon unit from sea water.
Operating 48 hours (or more)
Temperature Operating -20 deg C to +55 deg C
Storage -30 deg C to +70 deg C
Beacon Unit Dimension 529(H) × 120(W) × 116(D)mm
Mass 1.3kg Approx.
Release Unit
Dimension 585(H) × 175(W) × 165(D)mm
Mass 2.4kg Approx.

406.028MHz Specification

Frequency 406.028MHz ±2kHz
Stability Short Term 2×10-9/100msec
Medium Term Average ±1×10-9/min
Residual 3×10-9
Output Power 5W ±2dB
Modulation Phase Modulation, ±1.1 ±0.1 radian
Data Encoding Bi -L
Sweep Timing 50sec±5% (Randomization)
TX Time 440ms ±1%
Baud Rate 400bps ±1%

121.5MHz Specifications

Frequency 121.5MHz ±6.075kHz
Output Power 50mW ±3dB
Modulation AM
Sweep Tone 300Hz to 1600Hz
Sweep Rate 2Hz to 4Hz