Marine Radar JMR-5400 series
For Commercial Ships

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JMR-5400 series
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Model JMR-5410-6X JMR-5410-6XH JMR-5425-7X JMR-5425-9X JMR-5425-6XH JMR-5430-S JMR-5472-S JMR-5482-S JMR-5482-SH
Display colour raster scan PPI
Range scale 0.125/0.25/0.5/0.75/1.5/3/6/12/24/48/96 NM
Model NKE-2103-6/HS NKE-2255-7 NKE-2255-9 NKE-2255-6HS NKE-1130 NKE-1632*1 NKE-2632/-H*1
Transmitting power 10kW 25kW 30kW 250W
Transmitting frequency 9410MHz±30MHz 9410MHz±30MHz 3050MHz±20MHz P0N:3035MHz, Q0N:3065MHz±4MHz or 3060MHz±4MHz
Antenna length 6ft 7ft 9ft 6ft 12ft 12ft 8ft 8ft
Rotation speed 27rpm 48rpm 24rpm 24rpm 48rpm 24rpm 24rpm 24rpm 48rpm
Horizontal beam width 1.2° 1.0° 0.8° 1.2° 1.9° 1.9° 2.7° 2.7°
Vertical beam width 20° 20° 20° 20° 25° 25° 25° 25°
Weight 36kg 52kg 55kg 50kg 180kg 160kg 85kg 90kg
Pulse width 0.08μs/2250Hz
0.07μs/(4.6μs,8MHz)/1860Hz or 2280Hz
0.14μs/(9.1μs,8MHz)/1860Hz or 2280Hz
0.29μs/(9.1μs,8MHz)/1860Hz or 2280Hz
Duplexer circular + diode limiter
Tuning automatic / manual
Ambient condition temperature:-25℃~+55℃; relative humidity:93%@ 40℃
Model NDC-1678
Bearing indication RM display:north-up / course-up / head-up TM display:north-up / course-up
Presentation mode RM display with true trail, RM display with relative trail, TM display
EBL 2(EBL1/EBL2)(center/independent)000.0° - 359.9°, digital display
VRM 2(VRM1/VRM2)0.000~96.0NM, digital display
Trail indication off/0.25/0.5/1/3/6/10/15/30/60-min
Model NWZ-214(19-inch)/NWZ-208(26-inch)
LCD 1280×1024 dot(SXGA)(19-inch)/1920×1200 dot(WUXGA)(26-inch)
PPI Effective diameter ≥250mm
Connection cable 5m (processor-monitor)
Number of TT tracking targets 30 targets max.(expanding to a maximum 100 targets with an optional function added)
TT Tracking Range Auto/Manual 32 NM max.
Number of AIS targets 180 targets max.(expanding to a maximum 1,000 targets with an optional function added)
TT/AIS vector True/Relative, variable from 1 to 120 minutes
Model NCE-5794
Connection cable 5m(processor-keybord)
Ambient conditions Operating temperature: -15 to 55℃; Relative humidity: 93% @40℃(processor,display,keyboard)
installation cable CFQ-6912-20 length 20m(max length 65m) CFQ-6912-20
length 20m
Power supply(voltage) DC21.6~36.0V DC21.6~36.0V, AC100V~240V
Power consumption(max wind) NWZ-214 Max. 350W Max. 400W Max. 500W Max. 450W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:200W Max. AC:1300VA/DC:200W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:200W
Power consumption(max wind) NWZ-208 Max. 400W Max. 450W Max. 550W Max. 500W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:250W Max. AC:1300VA/DC:250W Max. AC:1700VA/DC:250W
Trackball Operation Unit NCE-5605
Trackball Operation Unit Installation Cable 7ZCNA4152
Keyboard Operation Unit NCE-5625
Junction Box NQE-1143
Sensor LAN Switch Unit NQA-2443
Rectifier NBA-5111
Interswitch Unit NQE-3141-4A(4ch)/NQE-3141-8A(8ch)
Power Control Unit NQE-3167
Distributor for Remote Monitor
Display Connection
Video Distribution Amplifier:VAC-2001HB-A
Monitor Extension Kit:CQF-5957
Monitor Stand CWB-1660(26-inch)/CWB-1659(19-inch)
Monitor Cover CWB-1621(26-inch)/CWB-1619(19-inch)
Monitor Hood CWB-1620(26-inch)/CWB-1618(19-inch)
Printer Printer:7HPNA4003 , L Type Stopper(Printer Fixture):QL-58
Operation Unit RS-422
Extension Cable
10m:7ZCRD1746, 20m:7ZCRD1747, 30m:7ZCRD1748,
40m:7ZCRD1749, 50m:7ZCRD1750(maximum length)
NSK Unit NCT-4106A
CMH-2370 Serial LAN Interface Circuit Spare Parts 7ZXNA4020
7HPNA4003 Printer Spare Parts 7ZXNA4011
  1. :NKE-1632,NKE-2632 scanner antennas: Transmission pulse width(1st)/(Transmission pulse with and frequency shift width(2nd))/Repetition frequency