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Name Solid State S-band Marine Radar
Model JMA-9172-SA
IMO compliant
Unit type 2-unit type
Preformance monitor integrated
Frequency S-band
Display color raster scan PPI
Model NKE-1532
Antenna length 12ft
Transmitting power 250W
Transmitting frequency P0N(3040MHz), Q0N(3060MHz±4MHz)
Beam width 3db Hor.1.9°, Ver.25°
Rotation speed 24rpm
Pulse width(freq.) SP1:0.07µs / 4.6µs, 8MHz / 2280Hz
MP1:0.14µs / 9.1µs, 8MHz / 2280Hz MP2:0.29µs / 9.1µs, 8MHz / 2280Hz
LP1:0.57µs / 9.1µs, 8MHz / 1280Hz LP2:1.14µs / 18.3µs, 8MHz / 640Hz
Duplexer circulator + diode limiter
Range scale 0.125/0.25/0.5/0.75/1.5/3/6/12/24/48/96 NM
Motor brushless
Tuning Auto
Modulator Solid Statemodulator circuit
Ambient condition temperature: -25°C +55°C, relative humidity: 93% @40°C
Pulse compression standard
Doppler filter standard
Radar display unit
Model(stand alone) NCD-9170
Model(desktop) NCD-9170T
LCD 1280x1024 dot
Effective diameter ≥320mm
Bearing indication north-up / course-up / head-up
presentation mode RM display with true trail, RM display with relative trail, TM display
EBL 2 (EBL1/EBL2) (center/independent) 000.0° - 359.9°, numerical indication in 4 digits
VRM 2 (VRM1/VRM2), 0.000 - 100.0 NM, numerical indication in 4 digits
Trail indication 3 stages: short, middle, long (e.g. short: off /0.25/0.5/1/3/6/10/15-min)
Navigation markers 20.000 points
Off center within 66% of radius, except 96 NM
ARPA tracking numbers 100
AIS target numbers 300 (sleeping + activated), 100 (activated)
Ambient condition temperature: -15°C +55°C, relative humidity: 93% @40°C
installation cable(max length 65m) H-2695110056
Power supply(voltage) AC 100 to 115V / 220 to 240V (50/60Hz, 1Φ)
Power consumption(max wind) avg 600VA
max 2200VA
Option items
Power control NQE-3167
Interswitch(built-in type: up to 2) NQE-3141-2A
interswitch(box type: up to 4) NQE-3141-4A
interswitch(box type: up to 8) NQE-3141-8A
VDR-I/F CFQ-1891
Deicing device CHG-215

Stand alone version

Image:Stand alone version

Desktop version

Image:Desktop version

Image:Desktop version

Image:Desktop version

Solid state S-band scanner

Image:Solid state S-band scanner

What's in the box

  • Display
  • Scanner
  • Keyboard
  • Processor
  • Cables
  • Spare parts
  • Manual (English)


Which cables?
Display to scanner max 65 m
Interswitch (built-in) NQE-3141-2A (up to 2)
Interswitch (box type) NQE-3141-4A/8A (up to 4 and 8)
VDR I/F CFQ-1891
De-icing device CHG-215