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The second generation and patented Constaview™ is realized through the use of three high-speed processors (in-house Tornadoェ technology). All information gathered by the radar is fully processed within a few milliseconds before being displayed. A smooth image rotation is generated when sailing in Head-up mode. When changing to North-up, the new radar image is displayed without any delay caused by the scanner rotation.

True Trails


Constaview™ refreshes the image every 16mS. Despite heading changes trails are always true.

Relative Trails

Image:Relative Trails

Traditional technology relies on several sweeps of the scanner to redraw the image.
Trails are presented as relative.

Target Enhancement Function™

Developed exclusively by JRC, TEF™, allows target enhancement relative to the target size. The smaller echoes are far more enlarged than bigger echoes, giving a better on-screen separation and identification.

Image:Target Enhancement Function™

Select a trail length

Others ships movement and speed can be monitored from length and direction of their trails, primary serving for collision avoidance. The JMA-9172-SA integrates three different trail length modes, that will show a ship's course instantly. A unique operation features that allows for more flexibility. Example:

Image:Select a trail length