DGPS Receiver JLR-4341 (DGPS 224)

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Specifications / Components


Receiver type Multichannel (12-CH, SBAS 1-CH) all-in-view
Frequency 1575.42MHz±1MHz (C/A code)
Sensitivity -135dBm for tracking
Accuracy 13m 2DRMS (C/A code, HDOP<=4, SA OFF)
5m 2DRMS when DGPS corrected
7m 2DRMS when SBAS corrected
Time to first fix Typically 40 seconds (cold start fix)
Typically 33 seconds (warm start fix)
Position update Normally every 1 seconds
DGPS input RTCM SC-104 ver.2.0 type1,2,7,9 available
Data output Signal output port, TTL level
IEC61162-1, NMEA0183 ver.1.5/2.1/2.3 selectable

IEC61162-1, ver.2.3 GGA, RMC, VTG, ZDA, DTM, GBS, GNS
ver.1.5 GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG
ver.2.1 GGA, RMC, GLL, VTG, DTM
Beacon frequency 283.5 to 325kHz
Selection of beacon S.T Auto / Manual
Geodetic datum 46 (WGS-84, WGS-72, Japan, America,
Canada/Alaska, Europe, Australia,England,
NAD-83, other 37)
Power 12/24VDC +30%, -10% (less than 2.5W)
Operating temperature -25 to +55°C


Name Model Qty Remarks
OPTION DGPS Receiver JLR-4341 1 Include 15m cable with connector
Instruction manual 7ZPNA4162 1 English
Cable protection sheet MPPK31468 1
STANDARD Installation kit 7ZYNA4001A 1
Instruction manual 7ZPNA4161 (1) Japanese
Adapter MTV302007A (1)
Binding belt MPBP30519 (1)
Extension cable CFQ-9000 1 15m