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Specifications / Components


Operating system 2- axis 4-beam pulse Doppler sonar or ROT-combined 3-axis 4-beam pulse Doppler sonar (ROT:option)
Operating frequencies 240kHz (BT : for speed against the ground)
2MHz (WT : for speed against the water)
Speed range BT Fore/Aft : -10.00 to +40.00 kts
Port/Stb.: -9.99 to +9.99 kts
Stern P/S : 9.99 to +9.99 kts (with optional ROT)
WT Fore/Aft : -10.00 to +40.00 kts
Distance run range 0 to 99999.99nm
Depth range BT : 2 to 250m (below hull bottom)depending upon sea bottom conditions
WT : 3m or more (below hull bottom)
Speed measuring accuracy ±1% or 0.1 kts whichever is greater
Total distance run accuracy ±1% or 0.1 nm whichever is greater
Ship speed indication XX.XX 4-digit indicator (in kts or m/s)(P/S:3-digit)
Analog indication (in kts)
IEC61162-1 inputs
ROT (Stern P/S speed)**ROT (excl.GPROT)
GYRO (GPS ship speed)HDT,HDG
Data outputs IEC61162-1 : 2000 outputs : 5 circuits VBW,VLW,DPT,DBT
DC voltage output : 2 circuits (for analog indicator)
Opto coupler signal : 8 circuits (200 pulses/nm)
Relay closure signal : 1 circuit (200 pulses/nm)
Relay closure signal : 1 circuit (Power fail alarm)
Power supply 100 / 110 / 115 / 220 / 230VAC
±10%, 50 / 60Hz, single-phase
Power consumption 300VA or less
Operating temperature -15deg.C to +55deg.C

Standard Components

Description Model Quantity Remarks
Main Display NWW-60DB 1 DB:2-axis flush mount type (standard)
DA:2-axis wall mount type
TB:3-axis flush mount type
TA : 3-axis wall mount type
Signal Distributor NQA-3012 1
Signal Processor NJC-24 1 IP55
Transducer NKF-770 1 With underwater-mateable
connector and max.40m cable
Spare Parts 7ZXBS0018 1
Instruction Manual 7ZPBS2802 1 English


Component Model Quantity Remarks
Wing Display NWW-61D 2 D: 2-axis, IP56
T: 3-axis
Remote Display NWW-24 2 max. Analog Flush-mount type
Remote Display NWW-25 1 Analog wall mount type
Remote Display NWW-26 1 Analog Flush-mount type
Distance Counter NWW-7B 1 Flush-mount type
Gyro Sensor NJZ-1080 1 ROT
Operator Unit NWZ-120GA 1 ROT, GA : Wall-mount type
GB : Flush-mount type
Rectifier NBA-3263 1 ROT
Dimmer Unit NCM-227 1 For NWW-60 Main Display
Dimmer Unit NCM-329H 1 For NWW-24 / 25 / 26
Remote Display Unit
Transducer NKF-770W 1 Inner demountable type
Transducer NKF-772 1 Gate valve type