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The JLN-550 Doppler Sonar providing ship speed information has higher stability in the dual frequency modes, and smaller size dual-frequency transducer to be easy installation and maintenance. The dual frequency mode function will be superior in measuring of the ship's speed against the ground up to larger depths and also the water with tiny bubbles


Stable Speed Display in Dual Frequency Modes

  • Ship speed measurement is insensible to bubbles generated in high-speed navigation, ensuring stable speed display.
  • The transducer is substantially downsized,allowing it to be installed on the bow side that is little affected by bubbles.
  • An underwater-mateable connector is adopted for the transducer, so that a transducer can be replaced at a quay even in case of its failure.
  • The equipment is provided with an additional function of indicating the ship's fore and aft speeds and port and starboard speeds by entering GPS information.
  • The ship's port and starboard speeds at its arbitrary position can be indicated by entering ROT information.
  • An optimal Doppler sonar system can be configured by combining a variety of options.
  • On-line maintenance (option)allows any failure to be detected during navigation.