Speed log:JLN-205MK2

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Signal distributor

This speed log incorporates a highly reliable interfacing field. You can easily connect a wide range of additional equipment to optimize your configuration.
A second display, smaller remote displays and analogue indicators are just a few of the possibilities. The JLN-205MK2 can also output the measurement information to radar and ecdis.

Image:Signal distributor

Signal processor

The transducer room has a quite bad environment with regard to vibration and humidity, therefore, before signal is distributed to various equipment, the transducer is directly connected to the processor, minimizing loss of signal and extending cable length to hundreds of meters.

Image:Signal processor

No flush mount kit

With JRC's new design approach, a flush mount kit is not required and screws are nicely concealed behind the front cover.

Image:No flush mount kit

In the box

  • Display + Bracket
  • Signal distributor
  • Signal processor
  • Transducer + cable (30 m)
  • Data/Power cable (2 m)
  • Spare parts
  • Plates + Manual


Gatevalve transducer NKF-531E (with 25 m cable)
Slave display NWZ-4610
Analog display NWW-24/25/26 (flush/wall/table mount)
Distance counter NWW-7 (Up to 9999.99NM)
Data/Power cable CFQ-5766A/D/F (2/10/20 m)
Data cable (3 m) CFQ-5769 (RS-485 network)
T-shape connector AA-040404-MMM-TL (RS-485 network)
Dimmer unit NCM-227 (for NWZ-4610)
Junction box CQD-10 (extending signal distributor)