Speed log:JLN-205MK2

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Model JLN-205MK2
IMO compliant
Operating method Dual beam pulse Doppler system
Frequency 2MHz
Speed range -10kn to 40kn
Distance run (range) 0 to 99999.99NM (NWW-7 is 9999.99NM)
Depth range Relative speed to water of depth greater than 3 meter below hull bottom
Speed accuracy ±1% or ±0.1kn whichever value is greater
Distance accuracy ±1% or ±0.1kn in each hour whichever value is greater
Speed unit kn or m/s
Display unit 4.5-inch monochrome LCD (128 by 64 dots)
Backlight White and orange LED selectable
Dimmer levels Bright, medium, dark, off
Dimmer control Keys or external control
Contrast 13 levels
Keys 12 (backlit) keys
Alarm indication Sound and/or LCD backlight color change
IEC-61162-1 input RMC, RMA or VTG (for displaying SOG from GPS)
IEC-61162-1 output 8 ports (NMEA0183 ver 1.5 or 2.3: VBW, VLW sentence)
Other output Ship's speed: 2 ports (DC voltage signal for analog display -2V to 10V DC)
Log pulse: 4 ports (Opto-coupler signal 200 pulses/NM, 30V, 50mA max)
Log signal: 1 port (Relay closure signal 200 pulses/NM, 30V, 1A max)
Slave display signal: 2 ports
Distance signal: 1 port
Remote display signal: 1 port
RMS: 1 port
Power fail alarm: 1 port (Relay closure signal 250V, 5A max)
Power supply voltage 100-115V/220-230V AC ±10%, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Less than 100VA
Ambient conditions Temperature: -15 to 55°C (operating)
Relative humidity: 0% to 93% non-condensing

Image:Dimension Display unit NWZ-4610

Image:Dimension Signal distributor NQA-4288A/Signal processor NJC-25

Image:Dimension Transducer NKF-547/Gatevalve transducer option NKF-531E