Speed log:JLN-205MK2

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Uniform operation

In keeping with the company’s philosophy of an easy to use Man Machine Interface, the new generation displays have allowed JRC's engineers to develop an exciting new software approach for uniform operation.

Image:Uniform operation

Flexible data and dimmer share

The display of the JLN-205MK2 can be purchased separately as Multi Info Display (MID). It allows full NMEA0183 data share for up to 10 displays and can be flexibily installed. The same applies for dimmer share. By changing the intensity on one of the units, it automatically shares the new settings to the other displays. Sample:

Image:Flexible data and dimmer share

In this sample, the display with ID4 receives data (RS-422) from signal distributor and outputs vessel speed data (RS-485) to all connected display. Dimmer share has been separated in two groups, whereas group 1 can be operated by external dimmer and group 2 is linked pressing the button on the display.