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Specifications / Components


Model JHS-770S JHS-780D
GMDSS compliance
General Communication
simplex/semi-duplex simplex/duplex
Frequency range 155.00 - 163.50MHz
TX 155.00 - 163.50MHz (simplex/semi-duplex), 156.00 - 157.45MHz (duplex)
RX 155.00 - 163.50MHz (simplex/semi-duplex), 160.60 - 162.05MHz (duplex)
Output power 25W/1W
Modulation type radiotelephone G3E/F3E, DSC/ATIS G2B/F2B
Channel spacing 25kHz
Frequency accuracy within ±10x10-6
Antenna impedance 50Ω unbalanced
DSC CH70 receiver built in
DSC CH70 frequency 156.525MHz
DSC received message LOG 20 distress messages
20(TX)+20(RX) non-distress messages
Channel capacity ITU/USA/Canada 57 channels max
Inland Waterway 57 channels max
Private 200 channels max (channel steps: 25kHz, 12.5kHz, 10kHz)
Weather 10 channels max
Memory 10 channels max
Inputs IEC-61162-1 GPS
IEC-61162-2 AIS
Outputs IEC-61162-1 VDR/S-VDR
Audio 600Ω 0dBm balanced (to VDR/S-VDR), unbalanced (to ext. loudspeaker)
RS232C for external printer NKG-91 and DPU-414
Environmental conditions Power voltage DC 24V +30% -10%
Current consumption DC 24V input, 8.3A max
Ambient condition temperature: -15°C +55°C (range for full performance 0°C +40°C)
Optional items Power supply unit NBD-865 (for AC operation)
Remote VHF controller NCM-1770(with handset, cradle and cable)
VHF channel selector NCM-2000
Controller connection box NQD-2770
Flush mounting kit MPBC42957(for NCM-1770)
Controller bracket MPBX44354
Handset NQW-261 (with cradle)
Handset connection box NQE-1847
Handset connection box (waterproof) NQE-1845(flush mount) / NQE-1846(wall mount)
Printer (table mount) DPU-414
Printer (flush mount) NKG-91
External speaker (wall mount) NVS-423
External speaker (flush mount) NVS-423A
Extension board CQD-7701 (required for multiple controllers)