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Sensor data sharing

Sensor data sharing

The central control unit is provided with the only minimum required external interfaces specified by Marine Equipment Directives (MEDs), and other sensor data is received through the bridge network (LAN) from the interface circuits.

The interface circuits are designed to be shared by a number of new-type navigation devices, and each type of interface circuit can be combined and selected according to each signal format and the number of connections.

Interface circuits

  • S : SLC (Serial LAN interface circuit): IEC 61162-2 × 2; IEC 61162-1 × 8; Contact input point ×4; Contact output point x 8
  • A : AOC (Analog option circuit) * 1: -10 to 10V DC or 4 to 20 mA × 4
  • G : GIF (Gyro interface circuit): Gyro signals (Sync and Step); Ship speed pulse signals (100 to 800 pp)
  • R : RIF (Radar interface circuit): Interswitch connection × 1; Slave video input × 1
  1. The installation of the AOC requires a serial LAN interface circuit (SLC)

Block diagram

Block diagram

In the box

・Central control unit
・Power supply unit
・Display unit
・Trackball operation unit


・Keyboard operation unit
・Sensor LAN switch
・Junction box
・Serial LAN interface circuit
・Analog option circuit
・Gyro interface circuits
・Radar interface circuit
・Relay terminal block
・Display unit mount kit
・Interswitch (4 ch/8 ch)