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Dedicated keyboard

Our dedicated keyboard allows you to carry out all operations simply by using the keyboard or trackball. The responsive feel keys allow logical and precise operation, even under heavy sea conditions.

Image:Dedicated keyboard

Back up via LAN

The JAN-2000 ECDIS can directly be connected via LAN to JRC's VDR and S-VDR. This way, you can easily backup important data, without the need for additional interfaces.

Grounding avoidance

As standard, the JAN-2000 integrates a grounding avoidance function, which protects vessels from collision and entering dangerous areas. This system allows real-time display of the ship's position on electronic charts, allowing to easily avoiding routes for dangerous areas. You can simply make a crossing warning and it is possible to check safety contour lines and dangerous at the route planning stage.

UPS built in

The JAN-2000 has a small Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) built in as standard, holding up to 60 seconds until OS closes automatically.

Image:UPS built in


IMO amendments to the international SOLAS convention make it compulsory to fit an ECDIS. The legislation will be phased by vessel type and size and will eventually apply to almost all large merchant ships started July 2012. A single ECDIS may be used for navigation but it requires a backup by paper charts or a secondary ECDIS. (If you use ECDIS as a primary means of navigation, it's essential to understand both your flag state and class society requirements for installation and operator certification.)


Also, as ECDIS is a total change from paper charts, the master, officers and other watch keeping bridge officers should as a minimum undertake generic training, followed by a JRC type specific (familiarization) training.

Type specific training

JRC is working globally with various dedicated training establishments and distributors that provide JRC type specific training. Today, close to 10,000 bridge officers passed the JRC TST course. On you can find all approved ECDIS training locations.

Image:Type specific training