NJZ-1600D Multi-Path Fading Simulator

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Discontinued on September 30, 2010 Support will close on September 30, 2015

Image:NJZ-1600D Multi-Path Fading Simulator

Best solution for evaluating the propagation paths of 3GPP-standard



The NJZ-1600D is best solution for evaluating the propagation paths of 3GPP-standard, 3.5-generation mobile phones and wireless LANs. In addition, the NJZ-1600D comes equipped with external control software as a standard feature.


The profiles of 3GPP (HSDPA), 3GPP2, and GSM have been installed in the NJZ-1600D.

The NJZ-1600D contains the Moving propagation and the Birth-Death propagation for the 3GPP. The functions can be executed easily by using the call function.

The NJZ-1600D is equipped with PC external control software as standard, so it can be operated from the PC.

The NJZ-1600D can also operate under Ethernet GP-IB external control or as a standalone simulator like the conventional model.

The NJZ-1600D is equipped with an extended dynamic option as standard.

The environment of the current propagation path can be reproduced by continuously operating the delay profiles of 20,000 patterns. The delay profiles edited in CSV format by using the PC external control software can be downloaded into the memory of the NJZ-1600D. In addition, the NJZ-1600D can be operated alone after the delay profiles have been downloaded.

AWGN option available.

The amount of work for setting up the noise load test environment can be reduced by the dedicated internal AWGN option.

Example of using the external control software (PC not included in the software product)

Image:Example of using the external control software

Fading test required for HSDPA under the 3GPP standard

Example : Table D.2.2.1A : Propagation Conditions for multi-path fading environments for HSDPA
ITU vehicular A, Speed 120km/h, (VA120)

Maximum Fading Frequency (Hz) ON 222.2
Vehicle Speed (km/h) 120.0

Path No. 1 2 3 4 5 6
Delay us 0.0000 0.3100 0.7100 1.0900 1.7300 2.5100
Level dB 0.0 -1.0 -9.0 -10.0 -15.0 -20.0
Spectrum Rayleigh Rayleigh Rayleigh Rayleigh Rayleigh Rayleigh
K Factor dB
Phase deg

Recall data : 3GPP UE VA120 Easy to set presetting delay profile
Save data : Delay Spread (us) 0.3704

Configuration (Example of AWGN Unit connection)

Example : Figure A. 16 : Connection set up for HSDPA fixed reference channel


Easy to connect, easy to adjust by using One box fading simulator.