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16 May 2018

JRC and VATM conclude a contract for demonstration and technical cooperation of multilateration system for airport surface monitoring

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. (JRC) and Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation (VATM) concluded a contract for demonstration and technical cooperation of multilateration system for airport surface monitoring at Phu Quoc International Airport.
The signing ceremony was held on May 2nd in Hanoi, Vietnam.
VATM President Gia and JRC President Ara signed the agreement document. At the signing ceremony, attendance from Vietnam side were: Deputy Minister Tam (MIC), Deputy Minister Tho (MOT), and VATM Chairman Dung. From Japan side were: Deputy Minister Sakai (MIC), Japanese Ambassador Umeda, and MIC and JCAB staff.


Summary of contract

The contents were agreed upon by each organization as follows:


・Coordinate with the JRC to carry out procedures with the relevant state management agencies of Vietnam and other organizations.
・Ensure the power supply for multilateration system.
・Support for site survey, installation, testing, and acceptance procedures.
・Provide the information and data for demonstration.
・Post staff to operate the multilateration system properly.
・Management, maintenance , operation of the multilateration system facilities after acceptance.


・Management of the project.
・Provide equipment and documents necessary for operating multilateration system.
・Training to VATM staff for operating the multilateration system

In 2016, foreign tourists visiting Vietnam exceeded 10 million people in total- up 26% compared with 2015. Vietnam is blessed with 3260 km of coastline, 125 beaches, thousands of scenic spots and cultural relics, and further development is expected from the tourism infrastructure development program promoted by the Vietnamese Government.
Phu Quoc International Airport is a key part of Phu Quoc Island, one of Vietnam's best resorts, and it is anticipated that demand for aviation will increase due to the increase in tourists due to further development of the island.
The JRC multilateration System is expected to contribute to the safety and efficient operation of aircraft at Phu Quoc International Airport.

About the multilateration system

The multilateration system receives the secondary radar (SSR) signal transmitted from the aircraft by multiple receivers in the airport, then detects the precise position of the aircraft based on the time difference.
JRC and Electronic Navigation Research Institute (ENRI) jointly developed the next generation multilateration system using the RoF (Radio over Fiber) technology.
JRC and ENRI has developed a system with the following characteristics using this technology:

・Position detection of aircraft can be performed with high accuracy even in a multipass environment, which was a problem of conventional systems.
・Simplifying receiving stations to make them smaller and lighter (1/20 than conventional) and reducing power consumption (1/1000 compared with the past).
・Receiving station is capable of Solar cells / laser light (Optical cable power supply) operation with low power consumption.
・Improved maintenance performance by simplified construction of outdoor equipment, especially reduction of outdoor maintenance work.

The RoF technology uses intensity-modulation and modulates an RF signal with a laser beam and then transmits it through an optical fiber which is capable of transmitting a long-distance RF signal that cannot be transmitted by a coaxial cable due to the characteristic of non-guidance and low loss.

The multilateration system image

The multilateration system image

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