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25 August 2017

Japan Radio Co. Ltd and Orla Protein Technologies Ltd announce the intention to end the activities of their joint venture company OJ-Bio Ltd during 2017, and transfer activities to JRC group

Created in 2009, OJ-Bio has developed a Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) biosensor platform. The development has reached a critical milestone and both partners have agreed that the time is right to transfer all activities to Japan for manufacturing.

During the transitional period following the agreed ending of the joint-venture in October 2016, OJ-Bio and its shareholders have been focused on a smooth and orderly transition while achieving their goals and upholding their commitments to their employees, customers and business partners.

Dr Hiromi Yatsuda and Hideo Kikuchi of JRC and Dr Dale Athey, CEO, Dr Roger Duggan, Director of Orla Protein Technologies, will focus on their roles within JRC and Orla respectively and resign their roles as board members of OJ-Bio Ltd.

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