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18 September 2015

Exhibition Information: Car driving simulator at 22nd ITS World Congress 2015

Get a taste of JRC showpieces and demonstrations!

Japan Radio Co., Ltd. ("JRC") is pleased to inform you that we will exhibit our innovative Driving Simulator* at 22nd ITS World Congress 2015. JRC provides you with a realistic experience of our state-of-the-art driving simulator components at the booth C20.

JRC exhibition @ITS World Congress 2015

Date :

5-9 Oct, 2015

Place :

Booth C20, Zone C

Bordeaux France (Bordeaux Exhibition Centre)

The articles at the exhibition of ITS World Congress 2015 represent a fraction of the number of our car driving simulators. Besides these, we are happy to discuss about our other solutions such as Motion system or Projector system that would be able to meet your any requirement based upon our product concept, "Design as you wish."

We look forward to showing you our product demonstrations at the booth C20 and hope that you will come by to have a valuable experience.

Experience the following demonstrations that you can see at our booth!

Steering with sophisticated smooth reaction force

Our steering reaction force generator provides a more realistic driving simulation. You can feel the incredible smooth reaction for a great simulator experience. Please give it a drive!

Create road and environment with the Road studio

You can create not only roads (including intersections or roundabouts) but also environments such as basement topography, guardrails, buildings, lights, shadows or winds as you wish.

Cut-and-try design verification in instrument panel

The Meter studio allows you to change graphic layouts and colors as you wish. The Meter studio will serve not only as an instrument panel for car driving simulator, but also will allow you to make any verifications before hardware development. Please try the Meter studio at our booth C20.

Try to drive our demo set with full HD contents of more than 120 Hz

Our demo set allows you to have running confirmation on roads made with the Road studio by driving. You can experience how beautiful and real the 120 Hz full HD road contents are when you try to ride on the set.

Product pages :

* JRC provides a unique Driving Simulator developed for Research Institutes and Major Car manufacturers including truck manufacturers. Products include Motion platforms, Visualization software tools, and Force-feel systems.

5-9 October 2015
Booth C20, Zone CBordeaux France (Bordeaux Exhibition Centre)

For further information: please contact

Japan Radio Co.,Ltd.

International Business Group, Solution Business Department
Tel: +81-3-6832-0981