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While the demand to the safety and relief of food increases, the advancement of quality and hygiene control, the increase in efficiency of distribution, and traceability are desired for also about the fishery product. The Marine Products Local Wholesale Market in Ishinomaki City(Ishinomaki fish market)suffered serious damage from the Great East Japan Earthquake. However, they introduced the building and facilities which can do high level hygiene control while performing the reconstruction, and they completed as a modernistic fish market. JRC delivered the facilities which are an integrated management system of the high level hygiene control and some of the equipment associated with this, a check sheet equipment, a trace system, a video recording and gate management, etc. as ICT facilities for performing high level hygiene control efficiently in this fish market, and has been able to attain computerization of the hygiene controls in a fish market facility.

Masashi Furukawa
Hitoshi Ito