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In the JRC group, NJRC has worked on development of Wireless Power Transmission(WPT)using a magnetic resonant coupling method at an early stage and released a principle proof machine with an automatic matching function of the 30W ahead of other companies in 2009. We get more than 95 % of electric power transmitting efficiency by distance 40cm between the coupler by the automatic matching circuit. The technology development of WPT advanced afterwards in the direction where electric power increased to 1kW and 3kW. On the other hand, we developed the sample model that it is easy to treat in small size. Furthermore, by an analysis evaluation by the three-dimensional electromagnetic field simulation, we inspected the conformity to an electromagnetic wave protective guideline and an effect of the shield structure as reduction measure of the magnetic field strength to any place other than the electricity transmission direction.

Keizo Hirano
Shigeru Kobayashi
Masaki Horiuchi
Takayuki Onishi
Tamotsu Suda