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In recent years, the natural disasters are occurring frequently by the followings; the local severe rain accompanying sudden change of a weather situation, the strong rain for a short time, hail, tornado and the gust by the cumulonimbus cloud which progresses quickly. When conducting the surveillance and analysis of these phenomena, the importance of X band weather radar with high resolution in space and time is increasing rapidly. However, in the conventional X band weather radar, it has a barrier of introduction of equipment that expenses, such as carrying-in facility, and maintenance, are large, the expenses in ancillary facility are the barrier to introduce the equipment. Then, JRC has developed the X band compact weather radar with the weight reduction of more than 80%, the performance of the detection distance equivalent to the conventional, power saving of more than 75%, low price, easy installation and maintenance by the improvement of an antenna, a transceiver unit, a signal processing unit, and maintainability, etc. The introduction of this equipment allows measures to weather survey and the natural disasters by the prediction, and the analysis of these natural phenomena is enabled.

Keizo Nishida
Yukihiko Nakagawa
Ken Okajima
Soshi Yamamoto
Satoshi Okawara