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In recent years, digital-type radio systems are prepared to respond to advances in digital radio technology and a revision of radio low. With the changes of it, it has been reported there are a lot of radio system rebuilding cases. JRC is trying to develop several radio systems to correspond to the needs from market. This time, for use in the broadcast media JRC has developed a new radio system for business communication which meets to ARIB STD-B54 specifications. In this report, we will introduce its functionalities and report the superiority of the system by comparing distributed control system with multicast technology with traditional central control system. JRC is certain that our system is superior in terms of not only cost but also scalability, fault tolerance and availability.

Kensuke Arisaka
Toshihisa Kawajiri
Shuji Hirosawa
Nobutoshi Takaki
Toshiyuki Agawa