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In recent years, by typhoons or localized torrential rains, landslide disasters accompanied by great human damage have occurred, therefore an innovation in the countermeasures against disasters is urgently needed. It has been difficult to grasp the danger of landslides with a high degree of accuracy because it used to be estimated by rainfall amount which is calculated using indirect and statistical data. For this reason, new monitoring system with improved accuracy is required to monitor changes in conditions of landslide risk areas directly. Here, JRC has commercially developed and produced "the Landslide Disaster Monitoring System based on Wireless Sensor Networks" which can be easily installed and realize a high-efficient landslide monitoring. Our new system can minimize the time required for the construction and the maintenance to secure the safety of workers.

Norito Kakiuchi
Toru Iwabuchi
Yuki Ikeda
Takehiko Watanabe