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Land Mobile Radio has been in the transformation period from Analog to Digital in Japan.

As for the Digital Land Mobile Radio, π/4-DQPSK system have been regarded as the mainstream at first phase, however 4-level FSK system becomes crucial for the demand for low cost digital radio. Bearing this demand from Users, the specification called ARIB STD-T102 has been updated in March, 2011 in synchronization with this Technology move.

JRC has developed 4-Level FSK Digital Portable Radio and Module not only for Voice/Data Communications between terminals but also for Data Communication between Base Station and Terminal , handling small data size with more frequent communications based upon JRC land mobile radio platform.

The transmission efficiency became more than 3 times in data communication between Base Station and Terminal than the data communication between terminals.

Junya Tanaka
Kentaro Ishihara
Miki Ohta
Shinobu Katayanagi