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Recently, with the rapid spread of portable wireless communication terminals represented by smartphones, there is an increasing demand for large-capacity wireless infrastructure equipment. Quasi-millimeter-waves/ millimeter-waves are suited for this purpose because of their broadband and high speed properties. JRC has developed multi-function millimeter-wave monolithic microwave integrated circuits(MMICs)in order to smaller volume and lighter weight of these broadband wireless communication equipments. Compared with the conventional MMIC using microstrip lines, the chip areas of the MMIC using coplanar lines and the MMIC with a 3-dimensional structure are reduced to 2/3 and 1/3, respectively. The developed MMICs, housed in small and low loss packages assembled by JRC proprietary face-down chip technology, have sufficient reliability for outdoor applications. The quasi-millimeter-band MMIC is used in a 25GHz broadband wireless point-to-point communication system and the millimeter-band MMIC is used in a 38GHz ultra broad band wireless communication system. These systems are seamlessly connected to the fiber optic network.

Nobuyuki Adachi
Toru Taniguchi
Toshifumi Shirosaki
Shinji Nagamine
Jun Kobayashi