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JRC has been developing compact, low-cost, and high efficiency Digital Pre-Distortion(DPD)power amplifiers for mobile base stations. In this paper, we report two techniques developed for realizing higher efficiency of the power amplifiers. Firstly, we introduce JRC's proprietary fast DPD algorithm, reducing the computational load required. It was demonstrated through computer simulations that this developed DPD achieves an adjacent channel leakage power ratio(ACLR)of -50dBc within 1ms. Secondly, we introduce transmission leakage cancellation technique, which utilizes digital signal processing, to lower duplexer's isolation requirement in exchange for reducing its insertion loss, consequently improving equipment's power efficiency. We show that the increased transmission leakage resulting from the relaxed isolation requirement can be canceled by up to 30dB for a prototype.

Koji Fukino
Yasumasa Koiso
Yoshifumi Shinfuku
Eiki Takahashi
Masatoshi Nagayasu