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In large vessels, the equipping with various equipments have been imposed in order to achieve safe navigation, and most of these equipments have alarm functions. However, many alarm functions lead a flood of alarms, and there are cases, where the duty officer overlook important alarms, or makes wrong decisions. In order to solve such problems, an alert management system is required in the international rules of the INS (Integrated Navigation System), DNV (Det Norske Veritas) classification and etc., as a system to centralize control of alarms and warnings of navigation equipment. JRC has been developing systems for high value added vessels according to the DNV, Lloyd's Register and etc., and has satisfied the requirements of the DNV by incorporating an alert management system into these systems.

Keiichi Hirayama
Naoki Yokoyama
Ryoichi Uchijima
Hajime Ando
Yoshiyuki Kamei