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In order to respond to the increase in the need for Internet access on vessels in recent years, JRC started sales of JUE-250 from 2007, and JUE-500 from 2009. These products provide INMARSAT Fleet Broadband service. After the sale of JUE-250/500 started, the need for high functions in the Internet access environment of vessels and for a seamless Internet land access environment has increased due to the adoption of broadband in the communication environment between vessels and land. To meet these needs, JRC has developed JUE-251/501 as the models succeeding JUE-250/500.

Compared to the JUE-250/500, JUE-251/501 achieves reduced size and weight of the onboard device, an integrated onboard system, and greatly improved network functions. With these new products, the Internet access environment on vessels is much closer to the Internet access environment on land.

Kouji Onodera
Noriyuki Shiga
Hirohisa Kusano
Katsunori Ando
Hiroshi Momose