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In recent years, the importance of meteorological radar has been rapidly increasing in order to always keep inhabited areas safe from local torrential rains, local down pours and urban type tornados which are occurring because of rapid climatic changes.

Most meteorological radar systems are installed in sites with unfavorable geography and climate, and in order to guarantee stable operation even under such conditions, there is increasing demand that meteorological radar use solid state components instead of the currently used klystrons and magnetrons which have short lives and require maintenance and inspections. Therefore, the S band solid state meteorological radar developed by JRC is here introduced as an example of a desirable system.

The system was installed and evaluated at actual sites, it was confirmed that the performance was not inferior to conventional meteorological radar, and actual operation has commenced.

Hiroshi Suenaga
Hideki Tamura
Yukihiko Nakagawa
Yuya Nokiba
Yutaka Ishiuchi