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In recent years, there have been human casualties due to sudden rising water in urban areas etc. caused by localized torrential rains. Therefore, reduction in the time required by telemetry observation systems for detection and warning transmission has become a pressing technical issue. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport established new standard specifications for telemetry equipment in July 2011 (MLIT Telemetry Equipment Standard Specification No. 54). These standard specifications enable quick collection and distribution of observation data, using a method (time slot transmission method) that acts autonomously to transmit data from an observation station. JRC has developed autonomous telemetry equipment which meets these standard specifications and has exclusive and superior features, and introduced it into the market in fiscal 2011. This report introduces the features of the autonomous telemetry equipment developed by JRC and tools to verify the installation site conditions.

Tatsuji Fujise
Yasushi Watanabe
Jun Satoh
Tsutomu Takahashi
Ryo Nakahara