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In preparation for achieving the millimeter-wave broadband wireless system aimed at seamless connection with the optical fiber communication network, JRC has developed key devices such as baseband signal processing SoC with the high-speed multi-level QAM modem, SiGe I/Q quadrature modulator and demodulator MMIC, and GaAs frequency converter MMIC. JRC has also prototyped the small and broadband 38 GHz band point-to-point wireless system using TDD mode with dynamic radio resource control that adopts the configurations of dual antennas with high spatial isolation capitalizing on the characteristic of smaller antenna area in the millimeter-wave band. The performance that the maximum effective throughput of 64QAM is 1 Gbps at the radio clock frequency of 200 MHz, has been achieved.

Toru Taniguchi
Masatoshi Nagayasu
Toshifumi Shirosaki
Hideaki Yoshida
Yasuhiro Toriyama
Kazuya Kojima