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This module is a WiMAX communication module for industrial devices, that conforms to the mobile WiMAX specifications (IEEE802.16e-2005).

In contrast to conventional products, the operating temperature range was expanded to -30 to 85°C, and so can be used in any possible outdoor temperature.

This module easily carries out WiMAX communication because a WiMAX driver is installed in the module, instead of the host device as is conventional.

The compact size of the PCI Express Half Mini Card was adopted, so that it can easily be installed in a device, and the module is equipped with the advanced functions demanded by the market especially for embedded systems, such as remote firmware upgrades and remote log acquisition.

Masahito Kamimura
Masamitsu Ogasawara
Takefumi Fuura
Masaru Yachi
Kazunori Nakada
Yugo Sugizaki