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Vehicle safety communication system in 700MHz-band that broadcast drive-assist information and call the driver's attention by wireless telecommunication is expected to have an effect for prevention of traffic accidents.

Vehicle equipments in the system exchange drive assist information by Road-to-Vehicle Communication (RVC) that communicates between an on-board equipment and road-side equipment, and by Inter-Vehicle Communication (IVC) that communicates between vehicles. 700MHz-band is going to be allocated for the system in 2012 when the terrestrial analog broadcasting end.

JRC has developed on-board equipment that is operated in 700MHz band for the Vehicle safety communication system, and this paper introduces it.

Akira Takai
Yasushi Koyama
Kouji Kashima
Masaaki Matsumura
Masayuki Takahashi
Shigeyuki Asami
Yuji Igarashi