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With the recent progress of NGN (Next Generation Network) deployment and market demands for advanced services based on it, Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) System is also required to suppor t triple play ser vices of voice, video distribution, and internet access.

Data traffic explosion in mobile radio access network due to the widespread use of smart-phone urgently demands effective backhaul solutions for micro/pico cellular base stations.

In order to meet these market requirements, JRC has developed 26GHz FWA equipment called as "New WIPAS (Wireless IP Access System)" supporting high-speed data communication of P-P (Point to Point) which use quasi-millimeter wave. This equipment is the TDD system with flexible downlink and uplink ratio and achieves maximum 192 Mbps aggregated data throughput. It also supports adaptive modulation among QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM and QoS control with 8 priority classes to improve the link quality and availability.

True zero-footprint (all in one) mechanical structures of the equipment contribute to minimize total cost of ownership of the network.

Kazuo Saitoh
Kiyohito Kobayashi
Takeshi Gomi
Shinji Nagamine
Shinya Yoneda
Hitoshi Nagahori
Masato Nishibori