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The digital optical repeater for the mobile communication system is the equipment to improve the communication quality at the area where is not covered by the mobile communication BTS. JRC has developed mainly analog optical repeaters.

This time we developed the digital optical repeater by adopting the high efficiency DPD amplifier and digital optical communication technologies in order to fulfill market requirements of smaller size, lighter weight, lower cost, and availability on the low speed optical transmission line (dark fiber, etc). The newly developed repeater has the tolerant optical transmission loss of 20dB and the tolerant return loss of 22dB, and achieves the small size of the 14.9 liter volume and the weight ≤12 kg. These are corresponding to 52% reduction of the volume and weight respectively at the comparison with the existing analog optical repeater.

Masatoyo Nishibe
Akira Tago
Norihisa Kawasumi
Wataru Soyama
Toshiyuki Aoki