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Based on the Disaster Countermeasure Basic Act of Japan set forts in the Basic Law for Disaster Control Measures. The Municipal Disaster Management Radio Communication System have been constructed in national, prefectural , and municipal level as means to gather and deliver disaster information at times of emergency disasters. These system consist of VHF・UHF radio communication link, microwave communication link and satellite communication link, and can be categorized into fixed systems, simultaneouscommunication systems, and mobile systems.

JRC as a various radio communication equipment provider, has been developing and providing such as Disaster Management Radio Communication System to the central and/or local government early stage of establishment since 1975.

In2004,transformation of voice communication facilities from analog systems to digital systems which can handle multimedia was began. Since then, planning has continued for the integration of wireless communication networks with IP communication networks using optical fibers.

This report describers JRC's efforts in constructing the above systems, and overall evolution in disaster administration wireless system.

Satoru Ishigaki