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AIS base stations continue to be installed in congested sea areas and major harbors throughout the world in increasing numbers, as a tool for Vessel Traffic Services (hereafter "VTS") which perform navigation management of vessels, and as a means to vessel tracking that is used in port management and port services.

JRC was developing AIS base stations based on the recommendation issued by IALA (International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities), even before international standards for AIS base stations were issued. However, upon the issuance of International Standard IEC62320-1, JRC developed a new type AIS base station, JHF-307, in order to compact size, incorporate redundancies, enable IP communication, and improve maintainability. This document introduces the JHF-307.

Manabu Sunose
Tatsuyuki Takahashi
Yoshio Sakakimoto
Hiroyuki Nagatsuka
Hiroshi Honda