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In maritime satellite communication field, the broadband ship-shore communication is required than ever. Due to advancing render seamless with terrestrial network and variously growing user's demands not only managing ship's operation but also satisfying crew and passenger's private use. In response to this situation, Inmarsat launched the Fleet Broadband (FBB) service system in November 2007. In the same time JRC has developed and released JUE-250 which is the world's first Ship Earth Station for this FBB system, and succeeding to the technology, JRC has developed and released JUE-500 which performs higher-speed data communication and wider-area FAX transmission than JUE-250. JUE-500 is designed to connect a lot of terminals, such as telephones, PCs, and the external buzzers, it satisfies the demand of the vessels. JUE-500 is a pipeline of the remote supervision function and the maintenance communication function for the navigation equipments and the communications equipments in the ship from land.

Shintaro Inoue
Hirohisa Kusano
Kazufumi Igarashi
Katsumi Yazawa
Yusuke Katoh