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This roadside broadcasting system provides drivers along a road with voice information through their car radios. The information broadcasted through the radio at 1620kHz deals with accidents and road construction which cause restrictions on passage through roads, restrictions due to sudden changes in the weather, advice for safe driving, scheduled restrictions, scheduled road construction (dates thereof), etc., and is intended to improve safety while passing along roads.

The broadcasting devices are set up at places where incidents have frequently occurred, in front of and behind traffic restriction zones, and in front of and behind where a road branches, such as junctions.

Care is taken that the driver can easily understand the message which is broadcast for the 2-3km zone the driver is in, repeating a one minute message three times during the time the car traveling at 40km/hr is in the zone to allow the driver to confirm the information.

Masahiro Oka
Hisayuki Sugai
Yasuhisa Yamamoto
Yoshiro Tokushige