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Technical Information


Report on Investigation and Consideration of Long Distance Radio Wave Transmission Characteristics and Attenuation during Intense Rain of 5GHz Band Access Systems, undertaken by Kyushu Bureau of Telecommunications, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

- Special Issues 1 : Solution for Radio Communications -

This is a report on our technological investigation and consideration of the 5GHz radio access system that has been chosen as the radio broadband relay communications network for small islands distant from Japan's main islands, in par ticular the system's long distance radio wave transmission characteristics over water and signal attenuation characteristics during brief intense rains which have been occurring recently, on investigatory and deliberative meetings intended to contribute to increasing reliability and to effective use of radio frequencies, and on transmission tests etc., which have been entrusted to us to carry out.

Kunio Matsuoka
Hiroyuki Miura
Takabumi Sugaya
Masaru Ogasawara
Masahide Warashina