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Recently, more and more wireless RF components have been incorporated into IC. However, it is difficult to integrate SAW devices into IC. This is why JRC has been working to integrate the SAW filter peripheral devices into a compact module. In response to the demand for modularized GPS receiver front-end, JRC has developed a front-end module that integrates components such as a SAW filter and LNA. The module mounting area is 50% smaller than previous models. Also, in response to the demand for a compact, adjustment-free One Segment TV notch filter mobile phone internal component, JRC has developed a compact notch filter with an inductor built into the package board. JRC has developed a notch filter that is compact, has no outside parts, and does not need adjustment, but also boasts a wide pass-band and a steep damping characteristic.

Makoto Nara
Sakae Kamiseki
Masaki Yamazaki
Kazuya Ohta
Akihiro Tokunoh