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This wireless module conforms to the IEEE802.16e-2005 mobile WiMAX standard. WiMAX has national and local frequency bands. This module supports both. The interface section has been designed to be easy to attach to embedded devices, and it uses the common PCI Express Mini Card 2.0 connector. Also, the module is compact, with external dimensions of 30 ?? 27 mm, thanks to its simple circuit design, which consists of a BB SoC, an RF module, a power management IC, ROM, and RAM. The module makes high-speed data transmission possible. The theoretical data throughput is 16 Mbps (SISO Down Link). The actual measured data throughput achieved by the module is approximately 15 Mbps.

Kazutaka Endo
Masahito Kamimura
Masamitsu Ogasawara
Hiromitsu Sugiyama
Kazunori Nakada
Yugo Sugizaki