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This paper describes JRC's quality assurance activities for motorcycle ETC with built-in antenna (the JRM-12 Series). Public use of ETC for automobiles began in March, 2001. As the use of ETC for automobiles had become widespread, the demand for ETC for motorcycles increased. To meet this demand, JRC released Japan’s first ETC for motorcycles, the JRM-11 series, in October, 2006. The JRM-11 consists of three separate components: the main unit, antenna, and indicator. ETC for automobiles are installed inside the vehicle where they are protected from the influences of wind, rain, and vibration. However, ETC for motorcycles are installed on the outside, where they are to be exposed directly to wind, rain, and vibration, so protective measures are crucial. JRC has released the new JRM-12 series in November, 2008. The JRM-12 is an all-in-one device with built-in antenna and indicator.

Tetsuji Sato
Toshiko Kawaida
Hiroshi Hatanaka
Haruki Kinoshita