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The preparations for Japan's total shift to digital terrestrial television broadcasting on July 24, 2011, are proceeding at a fast pace. By last year, preparations for major, high-power broadcast relay stations were completed, thus firmly securing a large number of households with access to digital terrestrial broadcasts. From this year onward, the main focus will be on preparing low-power broadcast relay stations in order to provide broadcasting throughout Japan. The facilities of these lowpower broadcast relay stations are small in scale, but a vast number of them require preparations for terrestrial broadcasts, so the need for small, low-cost solutions is now greater than ever.

To meet this need, JRC has developed the JBS-203 Series Transposer for Terrestrial Digital TV Broadcasting which is allin-one relay broadcaster for low power. This document introduces the JBS-203.

Kenichi Kohno
Satoru Akahori
Kazuhiro Hashimoto
Yasuhisa Onoda
Kazuyoshi Suzuki
Ryo Nomura