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Shear horizontal surface acoustic wave (SH-SAW) sensors are highly sensitive in detecting the properties of liquid, which are as relative permittivity, conductivity, viscosity and mass density. In this paper, experimental results of 50 MHz twochannel SH-SAW sensors on 36Y-X LiTaO3 are presented. The measured relative permittivity and conductivity for the liquid with different concentrations of Dioxane are shown using a relative permittivity-conductivity chart. Since SH-SAW which is propagating on the unmetallized propagation area in the liquid with a low permittivity attenuated due to a lack of energy concentration of the surface, the obtained permittivity and conductivity were slightly different from the exact values. In order to improve this drawback, a compensation method is presented.

Hiromi Yatsuda
Takashi Kogai