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Single-layer slotted waveguide arrays are developed for microwave and millimeter wave application. An alternating phase fed array, which is one type, consists of a slotted plate and a waveguide base, is low-profile antenna and is easy to fabricate. The center-feed type of the antenna has two important design advantages: the array bandwidth is doubled and the direction of the boresight beam is frequency-independent. JRC has developed this antenna for wireless communication systems. This project introduces to analysis whole antenna model by electromangetic method which can confirm final trial manufacture. And this paper reports two inventions to improve side-lobe level and antenna aperture efficiency.

Goro Yoshida
Yuzo Shibuya
Yasuhiro Tsunemitsu
Naohisa Goto
Makoto Ando*
Jiro Hirokawa*
* Tokyo Institute of Technology