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Recently, planar antennas such as a slotted waveguide array or a patch array have been used in Wireless Access Equipment since all circuits are easily integrated on the back of the antenna. The Wireless Access Equipment that adopts a planar antenna can be easily installed at the base station and it is also has good aesthetics. However, for patch arrays with over 1000 elements, the dielectric material has huge loss due to the long transmission line. Furthermore, a wind resistance over 90m/s is required for the half wavelength radome. JRC has developed a 22 GHz band planar antenna for Wireless Access Equipment. It consists of 1024 patch elements and has high efficiency due to the use of striplines. In addition, we have selected fiber reinforced plastic for the half wavelength radome, and it has been confirmed by simulation that the radome possesses a wind resistance greater than 90m/s.

Goro Yoshida
Yuzo Shibuya
Yohei Miura
Naohisa Goto
Shunji Takeuchi
Toshiyuki Inoue
Keiji Adachi
Sadami Himori