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The JLR-20 and JLR-30 GPS Compass are a new type of true heading measurement device. They use GPS satellite signals to precisely measure a ship's heading. The GPS Compass is composed of two units, a sensor (antenna) unit, and a display unit.

The sensor unit features (1) reduced heading measurement time (settling time) achieved through newly developed phasedifference measurement algorithms, (2) high-speed tracking that can deal reliably with extreme maneuvering, and (3) high stability that allows for continued measurement even in rough waters. The display unit has a 5.7-inch high-contrast monochrome LCD and a variety of useful display modes, such as a compass display.

This time around, to meet the needs of the market, JRC has developed two GPS Compass models, the general-purpose JLR-20, and the highly precise JLR-30.

Hiroya Suzuki
Koji Ogawa
Yuuji Koura
Hirotaka Suko
Mikio Nakamura
Taro Kasihwayanagi