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In maritime satellite communication field, the broadband ship-shore communication is required than ever. Due to advancing render seamless with terrestrial network and variously growing user's demands not only managing ship's operation but also satisfying crew and passenger's private use. In response to this situation, Inmarsat launched the Fleet Broadband (FBB) service system in November 2007.

In the same time JRC has developed and released JUE-250 which is the world's first Ship Earth Station for this FBB system. JUE-250 provides excellent data communication speed, high-quality circuit/voice, which are proven by on-board tests including packet communication test, voice test, and communication evaluation test. FBB system is expected to be the mainstream of the maritime satellite communication in the future, by widen its service to all ocean regions.

Koichi Konnai
Noriyuki Shiga
Koh Yamane
Nobuyuki Ito
Hirohisa Kusano
Shintaro Inoue